No more big flakes for Thor!

Thor is our almost one-year-old Yorkie. He is technically a family pet; but functionally, his heart belongs to Susan! Thor prefers Susan over anyone else with one exception! Anyone with food is Thor’s potential new best friend; at least until the supply runs out.

Most mornings I eat Fiber One cereal – the honey cluster kind with flakes. No matter where he is or what he’s doing Thor perks up when he hears me pouring cereal and comes trotting into the kitchen to look up at me with those big, warm, puppy-dog eyes.

I usually indulge him with a few flakes but the other day I gave him a rather big flake and he took off out of the room. That was a bit strange because he usually sticks around to eat what I offer until the bowl is empty.

A few minutes later Susan came walking in and said, “No more big flakes! He’s out here in the Family Room trying to find a place to bury it.” Oops! My bad! We went back to the small flakes until this last weekend when the Veterinarian said, “No more people food!”

But I think Thor’s experience with the big flake is why God doesn’t lay out too much of His will for us at any one time. I think He knows that we’re prone to run off from Him and do something with it on our own.

When God gives us little bite sizes of His will to focus on we are more inclined to stay close to Him to wait for whatever is going to come next. More than merely accomplishing His will through our lives; God is all about closeness in our walk with Him. The lesson…

Don’t fret not getting the big plans of God’s will for your life, enjoy intimacy with Him and trust Him to lead you one small flake at a time!



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4 responses to “No more big flakes for Thor!

  1. Leslie

    Again, you amaze me with how, in a story about Thor, you came up with this wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

  2. darla

    intimacy with Him… isn’t that what our hearts really long for?!


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