The only thing the disciples asked Jesus to teach them!

Imagine being one of the original 12 disciples that followed Jesus. Among other things you would have had a front row seat to observe:

  • Water turned into wine!
  • People with a variety of illnesses healed!
  • The feeding of 5000 people!
  • The calming of a storm!
  • Jesus (and Peter, briefly) walking on water!
  • The lame walked! The mute spoke! The dead came back to life!

If you had witnessed all of this, what would you ask Jesus to teach you? I’ll confess, I’ve never been a world-class prayer warrior. I tend to be fairly sporadic in that aspect of my relationship with God. But I can’t get past the fact that prayer was the only thing the disciples ever asked to be taught.

Today, May 5th, is the National Day of Prayer for America. Few would argue against our nations’ need for prayer. But what exactly will we be asking of God? A stable economy? The safe return of our military troops? Safety from our enemies? Relief for all those families affected by the recent storms? A healthy government?

Those are good and important things to pray about; but I’ll be asking God for one thing above all else.

A fresh awareness of His presence!

If we were to experience a heart-felt renewal in our walk with God or a first-time conversion for those who have never accepted God’s gift of grace; then I believe that all the other aspects of life would fall into their proper perspective in the bigger picture.

What America needs more than anything is greater intimacy with our Creator and the life-change that the Holy Spirit can bring about. Invite God to remind you today to pray for America. And then every time God brings it to your mind… pray!

“Prayer can do what political action cannot, what education cannot, what military might cannot, and what planning committees cannot. All these are impotent by comparison.” ~ Alvin VanderGriend, Love to Pray

 “Satan laughs at our toiling, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.” ~ Anonymous, The Kneeling Christian



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5 responses to “The only thing the disciples asked Jesus to teach them!

  1. Leslie

    Very good advice. Prayer, after all, is the key to Heaven, as the song goes…..

  2. Debbie

    Thank you for this, I too have a hard time at times praying, especially when things are particulary bad. Remembering that part of worship is so important! 🙂

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