God uses ordinary people!

In case you haven’t heard, the NFL is facing a possible players strike. I won’t get into the details because quite frankly I’m neither aware nor interested in them. But it does bring to mind the players strike of 1987 when scabs played the first six games of the year.

These guys were not the 2nd or 3rd string players. They were the guys who got cut from the roster or never even got invited to try out. They certainly gave it their all, but… let’s just say it wasn’t pretty!

Their stats were abysmal. The few NFL players that crossed the picket lines certainly stood out playing against these guys. In a way they sort of remind me of Jesus’ 12 disciples turned Apostles. Consider just a few of the Apostle’s stats:

  • They were available to follow Jesus ONLY because they were not considered good enough by any other rabbi’s!
  • They were constantly bickering about which of them was the greatest!
  • When Jesus needed them the most – while praying in the garden – they fell asleep
  • When Jesus was arrested – they ran like scared rabbits!
  • After Jesus’ resurrection – they were hiding from the Jewish leaders because they were afraid!

Let’s be honest. Had these guys been contestants on the TV show The Apprentice they would have all heard the Donald say – “You’re fired!” But not Jesus! Jesus turns them loose to take the world by storm and spread the word about God’s grace and truth!

Read the book of Acts for yourself. There is nothing extraordinary or special about any of the people God uses. In fact, when Peter and John were brought before the Sanhedrin – the Jewish religious leaders – this is what was said of them:

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. ~ Acts 4:13

“…unschooled, ordinary men…” I don’t know who all is reading this blog but chances are you’re no more special than Peter or John. Neither am I. But that’s OK because God uses ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit when they choose to abide in His presence through praise and prayer!

Are you willing to be used by God today?



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4 responses to “God uses ordinary people!

  1. Great column my friend. Isn’t it reassuring that God uses us in spite of ourselves if we’re only willing?
    I think that God uses ordinary people because the others, like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, are self-righteous, and those were the people that Jesus criticized the most.
    I think a lot of us can identify with Peter, for example, because we (I’ll speak for myself) can identify with Peter: a bit hot-headed at times, fearful at times, bold at other times.

  2. julie

    I believe I am a work in progress…..

    BUT….. with a little faith, one day I hope to help… some how, some way! =)

    • You already do help and I believe that your influence will only grow. And we’re all a work in progress, we’re just at different parts of the journey! 🙂

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