Preparing the soil of our heart

It finally happened! Yesterday Susan got to start planting the garden. It’s one of her favorite things to do. Shopping for seeds. Searching out healthy plants. Waiting for the weather to cooperate. There was only one piece of the puzzle missing…

…tilling the ground!

I do a few different things to contribute to the gardening experience for our family but my biggest role is that of preparing the soil. We didn’t plant a garden last year so it took me three rounds of tilling to get the ground softened up and ready this year.

You don’t have to be a garden guru to understand the significance of planting in soil that has been loosened up so that the seeds can put down strong roots and draw all the necessary nutrients to grow.

Can you imagine trying to plant seeds in ground that is unprepared? It would be hard and rocky and weedy and simply impossible to grow in! But we often do that very thing when we gather with other followers of Jesus.

Besides getting cleaned up and appropriately dressed for a gathering at your church – whatever appropriate is for your setting, what do you do to prepare your heart and mind? Do you even think about God prior to the start of a worship service?

Weekend gatherings – as well as mid-week or small groups – are a prime time for God to plant some seeds of truth and faith through the teaching and preaching and praising that goes on. But none of it will take root and grow unless we prepare our hearts and minds to receive it.

If you read this prior to gathering with other Christians this weekend start praying now for God to prepare your heart and mind – as well as all those gathering with you – to receive His seeds. And if you don’t happen to read this until Monday, start praying now, daily, for your next gathering!

God has great intentions for our growth, but we must do our part by preparing to participate!


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