It’s not about us!

It was a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. The youth group had spent the night at the church and was up early to cook breakfast for the whole church. That’s when I first noticed Kyrsten – one of my 16-year-old twin girls – wearing goggles on her forehead.

It struck me as a bit odd since she was the only one with goggles on but I was busy getting stuff ready so didn’t get a chance to ask her about them until after church services were over. That’s when I got the whole story.

The day before about 20 people from our church – teenagers along with a few adult sponsors – participated in a one-day mission trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. They worked with about 500 other youth to clear land on property owned by a church to make room for more garden space.

Last year the church donated 5000 pounds of vegetables to senior centers and food banks. Their goal this year is 10,000 pounds; and their long-range goal is 25,000 pounds! That’s the love of God in action!

Due to the nature of the work the kids were doing they were required to wear goggles. Kyrsten didn’t want to because “they made me feel like I looked stupid.” But as she thought about it she realized that she wasn’t there for herself, she was there for God… so she put them on.

That’s why she was wearing them on Sunday morning… as a reminder that life is about God and not us.

What might God accomplish through us today if we set aside any concern for ourselves and simply made ourselves available to Him?



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6 responses to “It’s not about us!

  1. boomrethink

    Well said. The cross itself made criminals look “stupid” Yet, in the hands of the Son of God, the cross becomes the sign of hope to a world that simply “cares too much about appearances.”

  2. Chad Pentecost

    That was a really profound thought from Kyrsten. It made me stop and think. What a blessing

    • Thanks Chad! Glad I’m not the only one who was struck by the wisdom of her insight. Sometimes I think I learn more from my kids than they learn from me!

  3. Carolyn Poer

    What an insightful teen. .. good job, DAD.

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