It’s all about Him!

For a couple of year now I’ve needed to use reading glasses – one of the downsides of aging eyes. While it can at times be annoying – like not having them with me at a restaurant – it usually doesn’t present any real problems.

But last Sunday as I was leading worship at church and using my glasses to be able to read the words I had a problem. While I could clearly see the words I could not see the faces of the people gathered with me.

I like to be able to see people’s faces during our worship time but it does present a challenge of sorts. When other folks are really into it and expressing their delight on their faces it lifts my spirit; but the opposite effect happens with those who have a zombie-like appearance.

Since I couldn’t see people’s faces well enough to tell if they were into it or not the only thing I could do was focus on God… and that’s exactly what God wants each of us to do anyway – because it’s all about Him!

When you gather today or the next time enjoy those that God has brought into your church family; but…

give your best attention to God.


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