The Ten Most Photographed Places on Earth

Most of us like to travel and likely have a favorite city or landmark that we’d like to visit. Check this list of the 10 most photographed places in the world to see if your favorite made the final cut.

No. 10: Amsterdam & the Landmark: Dam Square

No. 9: Rome & the Landmark: The Colosseum

No. 8: Seattle & the Landmark: Space Needle

No. 7: Washington, D.C. & the Landmark: Lincoln Memorial

No. 6: Chicago & the Landmark: Cloud Gate sculpture

No. 5: Los Angeles & the Landmark: Hollywood Walk of Fame

No. 4: Paris & the Landmark: Eiffel Tower

No. 3: San Francisco & the Landmark: Union Square

No. 2: London & the Landmark: Trafalgar Square

No. 1: New York & the Landmark: Empire State Building

I don’t doubt that these and other man-made landmarks are amazing sights to behold, and I wouldn’t refuse an opportunity to visit one; but I still prefer the wonderous view provided on most clear nights – a starry sky declaring the glory of God.

To see some other breathtaking views of God’s fingerprints in nature, visit my friend Todd’s blog at:


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