New Homemade Ice Cream Flavor Creates Quite a Buzz

Summer has not yet officially begun but here in Indiana it’s hot enough to already enjoy a variety of cold treats. In case you’re easily bored with the standard cold treat fare, here’s a fresh idea!

Cicada Ice Cream!

Think I’m loopy or joking? I am both at times but never when it comes to homemade ice cream. (Ullery’s is the BEST!) Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop in Columbia, Missouri recently had the novel idea to use real cicadas – collected by employees – in their ice cream.

“The cicadas are fully cooked through boiling, then covered in brown sugar and milk chocolate. The base ice cream is a brown sugar and butter flavor,” according to a  report in the Columbian Missourian.

Word got out that the new flavor would be put out on a Thursday, but so many people came in on Wednesday night to try it that they completely sold out that same evening! Scott Southwick, owner of Sparky’s, was completely shocked!

They did of course clip the wings before preparing them for the ice cream but that’s not all that got clipped. The owners approached the Health Department to ask about using cicadas and while there is not specific law regarding their use in food sold publicly, they were advised not to make or sell another batch.

Oh well! Doesn’t mean you can’t try a batch of your own at home!


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