Do we really believe this?

Really? Are we sure? What if it’s a day that is not going so well? What if the day holds some less than pleasant activities?

This is one of those passages of Scripture that is tossed around a lot. It’s easy to quote it when things are going well; when all is good and life is enjoyable.

But what about those other days? Those days when we don’t know how we’re going to make ends meet? Those days when past hurts overwhelm our peace of mind like a fierce midwestern thunderstorm tearing through town? Those days when bad news comes from the doctor’s office?

To trust that this is the day that the Lord has made and rejoice along with being glad on those days requires an act of faith. Those are the times when we must choose to trust that God is still sovereign and still in control even if circumstances are unsettling or unpleasant or unnerving.

This day… today… every day, will we choose to rejoice and be glad in it?


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2 responses to “Do we really believe this?

  1. Thanks Rick… I had one of those days on Friday when I found out the job I desperately wanted in California — the job that would allow me to return to the same town where my daughter lives with my ex-wife and once-again begin to have regular visits with my 10-year-old daughter — was offered to someone else.
    God is STILL good; He’s STILL on His throne and in charge. I’m just bummed!

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