Hump Day Humor! ;-) What a dad won’t do!

It all started when their son Rain’s bus route got changed so that it passed by his house. His mom and dad stood out there that first day waving as the bus went by. Rain asked his mom that they not stand out there again. That’s all it took for Rain’s dad Dale to go out the next day… IN COSTUME! What started as a simple, one day joke turned into an every day event. Dale stood out front every day of the school year – all 170 days – in a different costume! All total he spent only $50 dollars because of help from neighbors with the costumes. In the end, everyone enjoyed a good laugh. Below are some of the more popular costumes he wore. The last one is my favorite!



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7 responses to “Hump Day Humor! ;-) What a dad won’t do!

  1. darla


  2. Oh my goodness! That last one slayed me!!!!
    Thanks Rick!

  3. joe wellman

    I wonder what Sarah would say if I did that. I am so tempted to try it.

  4. I heard about this a week ago on K-Love! Too funny! What memories they will have!

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