Grateful for father figures!

We all have a mixed bag of experiences and emotions when it comes to recognizing Father’s Day. Some of us had great dads for whom we are very grateful. Others had very unpleasant experiences with their dad and are still dealing with the latent effects.

My dad was a good-hearted man who was involved with me mostly by way of sports during my younger years. Our relationship became a bit strained and distant during my teenage years for a variety of reasons – most of them typical.

But then one ordinary Saturday in the Fall of 1978 my dad died of a heart attack and complications. It happened suddenly while he was playing golf with some buddies from work. They revived him in the ambulance but then lost him again at the hospital.

I was 17 at the time and just starting my senior year of high school. In the blink of an eye my world changed forever. Being the youngest of four boys I wasn’t alone, but it sure felt that way.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I wished he were still here so that I could share the everyday experiences of life with him and ask a boatload of questions. But in God’s providence, it wasn’t to be.

And yet I can recall in an instant all the different men that God has brought into my life at just the right time to fill the void left by my dad’s passing. Fatherhood isn’t so much a title as it is a role. And by God’s grace different men have filled that role in my life.

No matter what your own experience with a dad was like – or if you still have him around, take time today to thank those who have filled that role in your life. May we all be…

Grateful for father figures in our lives!


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