What is your day centered on?

We humans are creatures of habit, aren’t we? And our habits reflect our true selves – we all build our daily lives around our priorities and passions…I’m sure you have your own daily rituals. Reading the sports page of the Washington Post each day became one of mine. To this very moment, I count it a good day when I can sit down, read my favorite columns, and get the latest scores and stats.

Add eating chocolate to the routine and it becomes a very good day!

We make time for what we truly value. We build habits and routines around the things that really matter to us. This is an important principle to understand as we seek to build our lives around the gospel. Do you want a cross centered life?

A cross centered life is made up of cross centered days.
— Excerpted from Living The Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney

I hate it when God smacks me between the eyes with a virtual 2×4 but that’s what I needed and this author is absolutely right – we do make time for what we consider to be most important.

What part of your daily routine keeps you centered on the cross and Jesus as Lord of life?



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2 responses to “What is your day centered on?

  1. Leslie

    Ouch! Definitely hits home, doesn’t it? You & the author are right. I pray that I start making more time for the God of my life.

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