From God’s heart to ours!

Five weeks ago today Sam, our second oldest, left for boot camp with the United States Marine Corps. We know the types of things he is doing, the various trainings that he is participating in because it’s the same for every group of Marine recruits.

We miss him for a variety of reasons; his laughter, his energy, his passion for life. We know this is only temporary but the hardest part is not having any contact because it means that we don’t know how he is doing.

Then a week ago we got a couple of letters from him. We received them July 9th but he wrote them July 3rd. At that time he had tendonitis in his left ankle and pneumonia. After a day of bed rest he was assigned light duty until he healed up. All this down time gave him plenty of space to think.

He is missing home A LOT – especially is wife and son; and wishing he were here. But he also has a strong sense of being where God wants him to be right now. He prays for our safety daily and asks God for strength to tackle the day ahead. He signed off his letter with Joshua 1:9.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:9

I can’t begin to describe the emotions that flooded my heart and soul as I read this handwritten letter from my son. It is a prized possession that I reread often as I pray for him; and wait… hoping to hear from him again. And as you might imagine, my next letter to him was very heart-felt.

I mention this because today, and hopefully every day, we will open and read from the Bible. These aren’t just words covered in dust describing some long ago people and distant situations. These are personal letters written to loved ones describing God’s amazing interaction with mankind.

To some, our letters to and from Sam would be nothing more than words to dissect and discuss at great length. But to my family and I they are priceless expressions of our vital relationship as family.

Don’t open God’s Word or listen to it being read too casually. It’s more than mere words on a page. It’s a very personal expression of thoughts and feelings inspired by God to encourage us towards real life as we give ourselves to following Jesus! They are written…

…from God’s heart to ours!


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