Unique homes reflect our creativity but more awaits us in heaven!

Since I’m in the middle of working on some house projects I couldn’t help but notice an article about some unusual homes for sale. Perhaps they will inspire one of your upcoming projects!

Converted Church
459 40th Street 2
Lawrenceville, PA.
List Price: $1.5 million

This church was converted to condos, including this 3-bedroom unit
with 38-foot vaulted ceilings, and stained glass windows.
Photo: Realtor.com

Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House
526 N. Carmelina Ave
Los Angeles, CA.
List Price: $13 million

The “village of sculptural forms” is built of copper, stucco, wood, glass and lead
– featuring a reflecting pond off of the master bedroom.
Photo: realtor.com

Floating Home
2369 Fairview Avenue E6
Seattle, WA.
List Price: $3.45 million

This docked, custom home sits atop the water in a gated
“floating waterfront community”.
Photo: Trulia

Desert Nomad House
6353 West Sweetwater Drive
Tucson, AZ.
List Price: $975,000

Comprised of three steel and glass cubes, these Sonoran Desert modules
are meant to be as much an artistic statement as a residence.
Photo: Forbes Images

As spectacular as these homes might be, I suspect they are nothing compared to what God is preparing for us beyond this life!



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2 responses to “Unique homes reflect our creativity but more awaits us in heaven!

  1. And to think we don’t have to pay million$ either … the price has been paid!

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