Jesus the good shepherd

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. ~ John 10:11

Sheep are mentioned in Scripture over 300 times, more than any other animal. Most of us are not that familiar with sheep so here are some important attributes to know.

  • Sheep are defenseless. They can’t run away because their wool causes them to overheat and they have no sharp claws or teeth to fight off a predator.
  • Sheep are prone to go astray as they don’t much care for being led.
  • Sheep have poor eyesight and tend to follow other sheep without thinking.
  • Sheep can also be very stubborn at times.
  • Sheep will feed on plants that are unhealthy for them.

Are you starting to understand why God inspired the writers of the Bible to illustrate our relationship with Him by using the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep? We tend to have those same attributes. But Jesus as the good ghepherd cares for all who are part of His flock.

  • He goes before them and finds the best pastures.
  • He finds the safest sources of water.
  • He knows when the sheep need to lie down and rest.
  • He makes sure there are no holes or dangerous enemies hidden in the pasture.
  • He anoints their heads with oil to soothe and protect any sheep who have gotten themselves scratched by thistles or rough underbrush.
  • He uses his rod and his staff to keep them out of dangerous places and to fend off predators.

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall want for nothing. ~ Psalm 23:1

No matter what you come up against this week, Jesus – the good shepherd – has already seen it coming and is prepared to walk you through it as a loving shepherd cares for his sheep. But to experience this kind of intimate relationship with Jesus we must surrender to His being in control.

Will you live this week with Jesus as your good shepherd?



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5 responses to “Jesus the good shepherd

  1. Wendy Brook

    Cute picture 🙂

  2. I love all the facts you give about sheep and the shepherd it solidifies God’s Word even more. Great straight to the point post.

    • Thanks Julie and thanks for stopping by! I took the time to visit your blog and really enjoyed your most recent entry about being set free in Christ. Great encouragement! I’ve been discipling a gal who would really benefit from it so will be passing it along. God bless!

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