Wait on God!

Yesterday I blogged about John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. I pointed out an easily overlooked life lesson that’s like a side note within the bigger event of what’s happening when a dead man comes walking out of a tomb. You can read about it here.

Today I want to offer another little side note from that same account in John 11. In verse 7 when Jesus decides to go to Judea because of Lazarus the disciples protest. They remind Jesus of a recent incident with the Jewish leaders when they tried to kill Him; so they’re none too eager to visit that particular region.

Jesus speaks in a somewhat veiled manner about those who walk in the light not needing to worry about dangers along the way. I believe He was telling them that their safety was not a pressing concern. But they didn’t get it. Consider what Thomas says just a few verses later as part of that same conversation:

Let us also go, that we may die with him. ~ John 11:16

It’s admirable that Thomas was so ready to lay his life on the line to follow Jesus; assuming it wasn’t said in sarcasm or despair. But something else about Thomas is revealed in this statement…

…he was clueless as to what God was really up to!

If the disciples who walked and talked and did life with Jesus could miss the bigger picture of what God was up to, how easy is it for us to do the very same thing?! We might think we have it all figured out. We might be certain of what God ought to do. But the reality is we just can’t always be sure.

It’s a new day and a new week. Don’t be too quick to presume what God is up to in a given situation. Instead, keep an open heart and mind as you…

…wait on God!



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2 responses to “Wait on God!

  1. Waiting is hard to do! But waiting knowing God is up to something makes it a little easier. Waiting while serving Him ( as John Waller says in the song) really does help. Thanks for this post. Oh yea I have always wondered if Thomas was being sarcastic or not.

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