A testimony of persistence

Alison Levine is simply an amazing woman! Her life is a stunning testimony that with persistence you can accomplish extraordinary things; even despite physical challenges. Here’s a quick list of her accomplishments:

  • Alison served as the team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition.
  • She skied across the Arctic Circle to the geographic North Pole.
  • She made history as the first American to complete a 600-mile journey from west Antarctica to the South Pole.
  • She completed the Adventure Grand Slam—climbing the Seven Summits (highest peak on each continent) and skiing to both Poles, an accomplishment fewer than thirty people in the world can claim.

On her first attempt to reach the top of Mt. Everest in 2002 she led the first women’s team ever to attempt this feat. All the major media were covering her expedition. Ford Motor Company was a major sponsor. Talk about pressure! Yet, she made the tough decision to turn back just 200 feet from the summit.

Though heart-breaking, she didn’t give up. She came back to Mt. Everest in 2010 at the age of 44 with another team. This time, they successfully reached the summit.

How’s your persistence?


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