Which love will motivate our actions today?

Sometimes it’s not the length of a phrase that makes it profound but rather the depth.

“There can only be two basic loves, the love of God unto the forgetfulness of self, or the love of self unto the forgetfulness of God.” ~ Augustine

Which love will motivate our actions today?



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2 responses to “Which love will motivate our actions today?

  1. Found this on tag surfer. I love the art you shared. I see the “two ways, one of life and one of death; but a great difference between the two ways” (from the Didache) as a parallel to the life of the Spirit and the acts of the flesh in Galatians. Until recently, I thought of these ideas as forks in the road that I must choose daily… Recently while studying repentance, I reimagined those two in this way — polar opposites.

    And, I have decided it makes a difference. In my old way of thinking every day, every time I chose to live in the Spirit, it was like choosing a new fork in the road, a different branch on a tree if you will. In this thinking, I got so far away for those living in the flesh that I was no longer at risk. Every. single. day. I must turn around and proceed in the opposite direction.

    • Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comments and your insight. I agree, they are polar opposites; and we must choose daily! I enjoyed checking out your blog and tried to leave a comment but the box requesting my email address would not allow me to post it.

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