The Real Jesus

We all know who Jesus is. Right?

We preach and teach about His will and His ways; tell His stories by heart; celebrate Him in worship; and serve Him with enthusiasm. Yet underneath it all (if we are truly candid), there is a gnawing sense that there should be something…well, more to this relationship.

Why is it that He often feels so far away? The distance between knowing Him and knowing about Him is vast. And the space between these two experiences separates the spectators from intimate participants.

Jesus intends for you to experience the pleasure and reassuring peace of His presence at the core of your life. He wants to be more than just another volume in your encyclopedia of biblical facts. He didn’t die for you to simply strike a deal guaranteeing heaven. He died for you to make you His own and to grant you the unspeakable privilege of experiencing Him personally.
~ Excerpted from Simply Jesus and You by Joseph M. Stowell

Are you satisfied with simply knowing about Jesus or are you pursuing an intimate relationship with Him?


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8 responses to “The Real Jesus

  1. Why then is it so difficult at times in our minds to bridge the chasm between simply knowing about Him and truly knowing Him, as you say?

    • Great question Todd! I think part of the issue is that we tend to feed the mind on God but don’t take enough time to cultivate these things in our spirit. God speaking through David said, “Be still and know that I am God…” Making time to be still in God’s presence is difficult for us given our propensity to be constantly moving. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. My pastor mentioned this idea this morning… he talked up the idea of finding that still, quiet place qnd meditating on God.
    Thanks for your response.

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    Love Him more!

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