How’s the view from where you’re standing?

Imagine being in a large room. You are standing with your back against an inside wall. On the opposite end of the room a single window let’s in light. From your vantage point you can see out the window to perceive a different world, a different reality beyond the confines of that room. But what you are able to make out of this alternate world is rather small and limited.

Now imagine walking across that room towards the window. With each step you are able to view more and more of that outside world. Once you get close enough to actually press your nose up to the glass you can see for miles and certain details that were out of view while you stood against the wall are now visible and very vivid.

That describes our experience with perceiving God’s kingdom through His written Word. When we look at it once a week, or even less, it’s like standing with our back against the wall. What we are able to take in or perceive is very small in scope and extremely limited.

But if we move closer by taking time daily, even reading whole letters of the Bible at one time, we are able to glimpse God’s view of reality in a much broader and fuller way. We are able to notice details that might otherwise be lost to us. We would gain God’s perspective on reality, and what a different that would make!

How’s the view from where you’re standing?



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3 responses to “How’s the view from where you’re standing?

  1. julie

    oh I like this!!! So true!

  2. I need to improve my view to a more consistent one. Great post that makes me think and examine my own walk with God.

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