Furious Pursuit

There is a weariness that seeps into our spiritual lives. We’ve all tasted it, been frustrated by it, tried to pretend it doesn’t matter. Let’s call it a nagging sense that all is not right between God and us. We sense that our faith should be stronger, that our lives should be more in tune with God’s will. You’ll chase God with everything you have, hoping it will cause him to draw near. Maybe then you’ll know deep in your heart what it means to be a friend of God and not just a follower. “Come near to God and he will come near to you,” the Bible assures us. And we all know that God’s Word can be trusted. But you have fought to draw near to God, struggled to find him and get close to him. You’ve been here, haven’t you? You don’t have to chase God. All you have to do is awaken to his voice. He is never silent or indifferent to what’s going on in your life. Can you entertain the thought that God cannot not pursue you, that to leave you alone would run counter to his nature? He longs for an intimate relationship even more than you do. He is much more devoted to chasing you than you are to chasing him.
~ Excerpted from Furious Pursuit by Tim King

Stop and ponder what Tim says there towards the end: “God cannot not pursue you.” What a staggering realization! No matter what we are doing, God is pursuing us. No matter what might be occupying our minds, we are always on God’s mind. He is relentless in His pursuit of us!



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4 responses to “Furious Pursuit

  1. julie

    Makes me feel pretty special!

  2. Leslie

    Amen, Julie! How awesome is our God!

  3. ana

    It’s such a great!!! I love it !!!!!

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