Live in the moment

“Live like you’ll die tomorrow, die knowing you’ll live forever.”
~ Rich Mullins

If you only had one month to live, you’d want to make the most of it. To laugh and fully engage with the people you love. To appreciate the little things, the ones that might seem silly to others but that delight your soul, and to give God thanks for allowing you to experience them. Whether it’s the smell of buttered popcorn at the theater or the view from a beautiful mountaintop, the taste of our mothers’ fried chicken or the way a child’s hand feels clinging to ours, we are all blessed with rich moments. When we thank those around us, it only increases the love between us. When we express our gratitude to God, it increases our capacity to experience a full life without regrets.
~ Excerpted from One Month to Live by Author

How would you show your appreciation to God and those around you if you only had one month to live? Why not do it anyway?


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