Don’t begrudge the dips!

I’ve long admired those people who seem to do life with steady upward progress. My own experience is more akin to a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and twists and turns and unexpected dips.

Yesterday was one of those “dips”, though actually I think it began shortly before going to bed the night before, and to be perfectly honest it was frustrating!

For some time now I’ve been thoroughly enjoying every aspect of life. My relationship with God is thriving. My family is doing great! I’ve been eating better and exercising. Ministry is going really well.

But then an unexpected dip came and there I was dragging myself into another day. It’s not that the bottom fell out but more like I was stuck in a haze.

I don’t know how you handle such moments but one thing I do is sort through and organize my stacks. According to Susan, if stacking were an Olympic event I’d be wearing gold! And since my desk looked like the aftermath of a tornado it was a good place to start.

By 1:00 pm that afternoon God had used several different things to get my attention and readjust my focus.

  • Reading about a gal who gave up her 4,000 square foot home to work in Darfur helping the homeless and victims of sex trafficking.
  • The story of Christopher Yuan – I write more about him in a later blog.
  • An article by Carolyn Arends about how our busy pace of life can hinder our ability to listen to God and participate in His primary goal for us – to make us more like Jesus.
  • A blog entry by Steven Furtick challenging us to emulate the attitude of the Apostle Paul – seeing every moment as an opportunity to participate in God’s grand adventure.
  • Reading about a small church in KY that dropped their denominational name and reached further into their community to touch the lives of the hurting – pursuing the Great Commandment (Mt 22:34-40).
  • An email from NewWays Ministries with encouraging words from Larry Crabb.

None of that was on my radar heading into the day!

I’m not suggesting that any of these particulars would have the same effect on you; I’m just pointing out that sometimes unexpected dips or hazy moments serve the divine purpose of interrupting our agenda or current train of thought so that God can more effectively grab our attention. So…

Don’t begrudge the dips!



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2 responses to “Don’t begrudge the dips!

  1. Darla Randall

    He has to go to extremes to get my attention sometimes! I won’t look at “double dipping” the same! LOL

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