Wireless connections only go so far with the church!

Several months ago our family printer finally gave up the ghost and died. At that very same time a major retailer was running a special with a particular brand of printers that gave you $50 towards a new printer if you brought in your old one.

“Are you serious! It didn’t cost much more than that when we bought it a couple of years ago!”

They were indeed serious and we got a great deal on a new printer. In fact, we got a model with wireless capability which means that Susan and I can sit anywhere in the house working on our laptops and simply hit a button for it to print off at the family computer.

I know, I know. We’re easily amused. But it is rather handy. No more copying documents to a flash drive and opening it up on the family computer whenever it happened to be available.

Not needing a hard, permanent connection between our laptops and the printer is great but that same principle doesn’t work in regard to our involvement with a church family. We can’t just sit at home or wherever and maintain some kind of mystical, invisible connection with the body of Christ.

Our physical presence is vital to the kind of life-sustaining experience God intends for us to have with a church family. You might think you don’t need it, but you do. You might think you won’t be missed but you will. You might think you don’t contribute anything but you’re wrong.

Your very presence when the body of Christ gathers is a vital part of God accomplishing His work here on earth.

Be there!



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2 responses to “Wireless connections only go so far with the church!

  1. The really sad part is that people who profess to be Christian believers, yet fail to become involved with the body of Christ can’t be encouraged in their faith (Heb. 10:25, Eph. 4:29, 1 Thes. 5:11).
    To me Sunday morning worship is like my personal visit to the fueling station. I learn, I communicate with God and I am encouraged by others who are doing the same thing. Now I can certainly communicate with God Monday through Saturday, and can read God’s Word then as well, but there’s something special and almost mysterious about contact with other believers that recharges me… and, it’s not just me “getting” that fuels my week, but me giving encouragement to others and participating that fuels me for the week.
    Thanks Rick for this reminder.

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