Work is more than a four letter word!

For most of us its the start of another work week. We’ve taken time to gather with our church family to celebrate God and be reminded that life is His story; but now its time to leave all that behind and head back to work. Or is it?

Do we leave God behind when we leave church? Is that building we gather in really the house of God, the place where He resides? Or does God dwell in us and go with us wherever we go? It’s the later one in case you’re not sure.

God goes with us and intends for our work to be a mission field. James Campbell expresses it well in this excerpt from his book About My Father’s Business.

I live to glorify God by loving, serving, and challenging others to be all they can be, and to give all of themselves to Jesus Christ. This is what I am attempting to do in every venue of my life every day. I approach work from two perspectives at the same time:

How can I do my job and do it well?

How can I make a difference for Christ in the lives of the people I will meet today?

These two drivers must work together. Committed Christians who are lousy workers have little influence. And great workers whose faith in Christ is always kept secret have little value in building God’s kingdom. Every day, we have two jobs. We are to be great employees, managers, and business owners. But our other job is to be a secret (or not so secret) agent for God. We are to look at our coworkers, subordinates, clients, superiors, vendors, and owners through the lens that God looks through, and then to love, serve, and challenge them to move toward Christ, one step at a time. “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).

Gathering with our church family is like showing up for practice or getting together in a huddle. Monday thru Saturday is when we get on the field and participate in God’s great adventure of touching others with His grace and truth.

May you and God have a great work-week together!


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