Sharing the good news

Truth be told, I have never felt confident about sharing Jesus. Sure I had a class on it in college; but I never had anyone work with me to show me how it could be done.

For years I used the excuse that it just wasn’t my gift; that others were set apart by God to be good at evangelism. But telling others about Jesus is not a spiritual gift; it’s a responsibility and privilege that belongs to everyone who claims Jesus as Lord.

I was reminded of that when I read an article recently about 7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners. You can read the entire article here but I want to share just one habit that challenged me.

Soul Winners Pray Consistently for Opportunities to Share Christ with Others
  • Soul winners pray for those with whom they have witnessed.
  • They pray for those with whom they have not yet witnessed.
  • They pray for divine appointments and witnessing opportunities.

While God has given us the task of sharing Jesus with others, He hasn’t left it up to us alone. He is already at work stirring people’s hearts and we are simply participating with Him. Staying in step with God happens when we pray about the chance to share Jesus and stay ready at all times.

You and I will encounter a variety of people today. Some familiar and expected, some not. What might God be stirring in their hearts and what role does He want us to play?


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3 responses to “Sharing the good news

  1. Don

    Getting ready to go on a mission trip and these are just the words I needed to hear.

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