Remember, others are watching!

Yesterday I blogged about the term hypocrite and how it was Jesus who took a word used simply to describe actors on a stage and used it as a stinging rebuke against the religious leaders of His day. But is it really that big of a deal?


It is critical for both those inside the church and those outside the church.

To those inside the church Jesus said…

“But I warn you—unless your righteousness is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven!” ~ Matthew 5:20

We are saved by grace, but that is no excuse for living as we please. We are children of God and if our outward behavior doesn’t match up with what we profess to believe about Jesus being our Savior and Lord, then we won’t get to experience heaven. That’s about as serious as it gets!

But this issue of hypocrisy is also critical to those outside the church. A book entitled Unchristian written a few years ago is based on a research study that shows eighty-five percent of unchurched young adults believe Christians to be hypocritical. Eighty-five percent say Christians say one thing, do something else.

Wow! Even if you allow for some misperceptions and drop those percentages by 10 percent you’re still looking at some staggering numbers. No wonder more people aren’t attracted to God’s church.

I’m convinced that part of what attracted people to Jesus was the fact that how He lived matched up with what He taught. A person who lives with that kind of authenticity is not only rare but very appealing.

We have to give ourselves to living more authentically. Not only because we don’t want to miss out on experiencing heaven, but because we don’t want to discourage others who don’t yet have a relationship with God.

Remember, others are watching!



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2 responses to “Remember, others are watching!

  1. The other day, a love one, I though to be christian called me a hypocrite. then I remembered your post regarding what hypocrite really means, that eased the hurt a bit inside me.

    It doesn’t hurt to be called hypocrite by unbelievers, even to be persecuted. yes it does hurt but it is expected from them. a love one you though to be christian calling you hypocrite? ahhh it hurts.

    Can God calls us hypocrites? When the bible says, “You are righteous not by good works, but by faith”
    – but we don’t believe that faith alone can make us righteous.
    – everyday when we come to God, we act as if we are sinners.
    – asking for forgiveness. we even pray the sinners prayer.
    – because in our though, we might have miss some sin somewhere.
    * This is hypocrisy to the fullest.
    * and it hurts Jesus rather, as if His work is imperfect and not finish.

    … thank you for this post. I got the revelation.

    Grace and Peace bro

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