Guarding our most valuable asset

“Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.”

~ Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)

Some Bible versions use “wellspring of life.” King Solomon offers this nugget of wisdom for at least three reasons.

Because our heart is extremely valuable. Our garbage sits outside all night, at the curb, unprotected. Why? Because it is worthless. We don’t guard worthless things.

Not so with our heart. It is the essence of who we are. It is our authentic self—the center, the core of our being. It is where all our dreams, our desires, and our passions dwell. It is that part of us that most deeply connects with God and other people.

Because our heart is the source of everything you do. King Solomon says it is the “wellspring of life.” In other words, it is the source of everything else in your life. Your heart overflows into thoughts that lead to words and then become actions.

If what comes out at the end of a spring is good, it’s because the source of the spring is healthy. If what comes out is nasty, it’s because the source is unhealthy. The same is true of us in regard to our heart and how we live.

Because our heart is under constant attack. When Solomon warns us to guard our heart, he’s implying that we are living in a combat zone—one in which there are casualties.

Many of us are oblivious to the reality of this war but we have an enemy who is hell-bent on our destruction. He not only opposes God, but he opposes everything that is aligned with Him—including you and me.

When was the last time your heart was attacked? How did you respond?

Check back tomorow for some suggestions on how to guard your heart.

*Adapted from a blog by Michael Hyatt



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3 responses to “Guarding our most valuable asset

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  2. julie

    How weird, I just had someone from my past try to contact me this week who was very destructive. I chose to just ignore him. Yay me!!! It can be hard at times because he does show me attention but it is bad attention. I would rather have no attention then bad attention…ya know??

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