A Perfect Mess

Because of God’s mercy, our lives can be a perfect mess—unquestionably tangled and blemished but when surrendered to His grace, transformed into something beautiful. God’s compassionate presence is not an illusive dream but a genuine reality, as described throughout His Word. Psalms in particular reads like a diary of God’s interactions with real people with real problems in need of His gloriously real grace. Regardless of how well or poorly we perform, He is with us. No matter how happy or sad we feel, our heavenly Father won’t walk away. Our Creator-Redeemer is always in our corner; He is absolutely and eternally for us.
~ Excerpted from A Perfect Mess by Lisa Harper

I’ll be honest. When I started this journey of following after Jesus many years ago I had the notion that the farther along I travelled, the more together I’d be. HA! Boy did I have that wrong!

Don’t misunderstand me. I know that I’ve grown and matured along the way. I know that there is much of God’s kingdom life that the Spirit has wired into me and how I do life. I am more like Jesus now than when I started the journey. But my life is not tidy by any stretch of the imagination.

The closer I get to knowing God the more I recognize in Him a blazing holiness that leaves me feeling anything but holy. The reality is that God’s Spirit has made much progress in me over the last 30 years but as I get older I realize I was more broken than what I realized when I initially accepted God’s gift of grace.

While I am surprised by this realization, God is not. He knew the complete mess I was from the very beginning. The depth of my sinful nature is not a shock to Him. And yet He chose to love me and adopt me into His family.

The goal of following Jesus is not a neat and tidy life but increasingly deeper intimacy with the One who lavishes us with grace!


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2 responses to “A Perfect Mess

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. When I was twenty I thought that when I was sixty I’d be ready for sainthood. Now having got there (not sainthood but 60) I realise how amazing the holiness of God is and how far I have yet to go. Conversely, what an amazing day it will be when we become the way God already sees us in Christ. Thanks again.

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