Waiting for the MRI results

The strange, tingling sensations in my hands and arms were like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The episodes were intermittent but had been occurring daily for over a month.

So last week I saw our family doctor. After an exam and some blood work – four vials worth – I was scheduled for an MRI. Among the possible causes the most concerning was MS or Multiple Sclerosis.

I’m not a fan of close, tight spaces but I didn’t have much choice in the matter. I’ve heard rumors of “open” MRI machines but our local hospital has none.

The TV goggles and headphones were a big improvement over a similar experience I had 10 years ago. But History Channel running a special on TUNNELS UNDER MANHATTAN was a bit too ironic! I had them change the channel.

The other ironic incident that week was preparing a sermon about Mary. She’d been told by an angel that she’s going to become pregnant by the miraculous power of God. Though she couldn’t know all that the journey would involve, her response was…

May it be to me as you have said. ~ Luke 1:38

This is not a statement of passive resignation over circumstances she couldn’t control. This is a sincere surrendering of herself. She is giving up her agenda, her dreams, her life, who she is…

As I waited for the results of the MRI Mary’s response weighed heavy on me. It’s one thing to trust God when everything in life is OK or comfortable. But could I pray that same prayer even when I didn’t know what was going on with my body?

Preaching about Mary’s response while waiting for the MRI results brought new depth to my appreciation for the role God had given her to play in His story of redemption.

Turns out my issue is not MS but four bulging discs in my neck. I’d rather not have them but am grateful it’s not something more serious. How will dealing with these discs influence my part in God’s story?

I don’t know what the circumstances of your life are; good or bad, easy or hard, temporary or long-term. But I do know that God has a role for each of us to play in His unfolding story.

Can we trust Him? Are we fully surrendered?




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4 responses to “Waiting for the MRI results

  1. I can ask my dad to treat you. for free 🙂 just let me know.

    grace and peace

  2. God’s strength brother. Thanks for the post.

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