Called to a bigger adventure

We worship a Lord who is both fierce and beautiful—fierce in the way He hates injustice and sin and fights on our behalf; beautiful in who He is and the way He shows us grace, mercy, and love. As believers, we’re called to reflect Him and become fierce and beautiful as well. We were created to serve an eternal purpose—not to follow our mortal desires while wearing a crown of our making, but to follow the One who wears a crown of thorns. We were not made to live on the outskirts of a kingdom but to worship in awe at the throne of our King. We were not designed to be princesses of entitlement but warriors of encouragement, fighting to bring love and hope to the world.

Our calling is to let go of our crown of gems (our puny personal ambitions, desires, and agendas) in order to pursue our true destiny: His crown of thorns (the will of our King). By doing so, we discover the value, joy, and fulfillment He always intended for those who call Him Lord. Even now the King is beckoning. May He strengthen you in your endeavor to serve less of yourself…and more of Him.
~ Excerpted from Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder

Do your life dreams revolve around your wants and desires or God’s? What do you imagine that God might accomplish through you if you gave yourself to fully participate in His bigger adventure?

Whatever it might be, God imagines doing even more!



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