Love beyond words

There once was a young man who was deeply, passionately, zealously, joyfully in love with a young woman….

The young man let his love overflow in every kind of expression—his voice, his service, his talents, his visual creativity. And she communicated with him only one way: through talking to him.

That’s an unbalanced relationship, but it’s an accurate picture of the way many of us communicate with God. He speaks to us from the love of his heart with pictures, symbols, music, scenery, tastes, sounds of nature, smells of plants and incense and rain, and the soft, gentle caresses of the wind, of the waves, and of other human beings. And how do we express ourselves to him? For most of us, during a disciplined time each morning or evening. And it’s usually nothing more than words.

Our words can be very heartfelt. But considering the multidimensional ways in which God communicates with us, spoken language is desperately one dimensional. It offers an extremely limited expression of our hearts. …Real love is irrepressible and comes out in many, many ways. By its very nature, it’s creative.
~ Excerpted from Creative Prayer by Chris Tiegreen

How will you express your love for God today?



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2 responses to “Love beyond words

  1. A great selection. A “Wordle” from God even! 🙂

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