“I want a Hallmark movie life!”

I’m usually pretty agreeable when it come to watching stuff on TV. Susan and I enjoy many of the same shows. And having more than one TV in the house helps provide some variety when necessary.

But every once in a while I get a bit ornery and offer some sarcastic commentary… even when it’s not requested! Though I usually do it in a good-natured way just to have a little fun and work Susan up to an ocassional glare or sometimes even a “You can leave now!”

Our little exchange last night brought about a new response from Susan.

She just turned the TV off!

So what brought about such a response? I walked in the Family Room when she and Kyrsten were watching one more (seemingly endless!) Hallmark movie.

Now, I will conceed that compared to a lot of the junk on TV the Hallmark movies do well at promoting solid, healthy family values. But my issue with them is that they ALWAYS end in such a way that everything works out just right and everyone lives happily ever after.

So I blurted…

“I want a Hallmark movie life where everything always works out OK in the end!”

Instead of the usually silent glare Susan perked up and said, “You do! Because with God everything ends up OK in the end!”

To which I responded, “Yeah. But they get it after two hours and then spend the rest of their life living happily ever after.”

I was certain I’d won the moment until Susan replied, “But compared to spending eternity with God, this life is like a two-hour movie!”


When we do life as a child of God it does all work out in the end!




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4 responses to ““I want a Hallmark movie life!”

  1. Don

    GO SUSAN!! She got you there brother!

  2. Sandy Campbell

    One for Susan!!!! But who is keeping score. LOL

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