We should all be so controversial!

Controversial conduct by elite athletes is nothing new and likely won’t go away anytime soon.

A few weeks ago, a college basketball game between Cincinnati and Xavier ended in a bench-clearing brawl. The fight got so intense that the referees decided not to play the final nine seconds. The media and fans were appalled and demanded strong measures.

Just a week before this incident the NFL announced that eleven players had failed drug tests. The media and fans were rightly appalled.

A recent Atlantic Monthly article spoke to this issue by listing the “15 Most Divisive Athletes in Recent History.”

I was not surprised by any of those who made the cut for this editorial save for one – Tim Tebow. Even if you’re not a big NFL fan you are likely familiar with this young man and his recent on-field exploits as quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Others on the list included Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Dennis Rodman, Pete Rose and O.J. Simpson. Let’s see… that’s one man convicted of animal cruelty, another for obstruction of justice, one guy who appeared at a book signing wearing a dress, another for tax evasion who was banned from baseball for betting on games and one who in all likelihood killed his ex-wife.

So what did Tebow do to make this notorious list? It started a few years ago when he made a TV ad in which he states that he was glad that his mother didn’t abort him. But the latest controversy is because he is upfront about his Christian faith.

I know! It’s shocking! Wait until they hear about how he grew up serving the poor overseas! Imagine the scandal that will be!

We should all be so controversial!



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4 responses to “We should all be so controversial!

  1. Pam

    I keep praying for Tim Tebow. I am so glad to find an athlete that Nate can look up to!

  2. Deborah Foelker

    I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I am so happy that my team has a great quarterback and the fact that he believes in God and is not afraid to show it. It is not like he was flaunting it (and if he was?). He has always done the prayer thing even at the University of Florida. But, yet they make fun of him. They made fun of Jesus on the cross too, so I guess that is just what christians face nowadays in the United States. I have seen people down right mad about it. I just don’t get it.

    • I’m with you Deborah! I don’t get all the fuss. Though I suspect that he may have been put on the Atlantic list just to help draw attention to their article. Who knows. Thanks!

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