Hands off it’s mine!

I don’t know why such things stick out to me but a couple of weeks ago I was slowing down at a red light when I noticed the car ahead of me – a PT Cruiser. The first thing I noticed was a Christian “fish” symbol on the back.

That’s not so unusual. Lots of people have them on their cars. What seemed strange to me was the combination of this symbol and the license plate which read:

“My PT”

When we accept God’s gift of salvation and give ourselves to follow Jesus, we are surrendering not only our sins but our entire life and all of our possessions. So why identify yourself (fish symbol) as a follower of Jesus and then blatantly acknowledge that the car is yours?

Now, I’m not passing judgement on this person because that responsibility is God’s alone, but it does raise the question – who has ownership of our possessions, God or us?

And since this is the first day after Christmas – the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday by giving each other new stuff – perhaps its a good time to ask ourselves…

… who owns it?




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2 responses to “Hands off it’s mine!

  1. Sandy Campbell

    You really hit with this one. Thank you for the reminder.

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