Don’t put Jesus first this year!*

Here’s my best advice as we head into a new year.

Don’t put Jesus first this year!

No – that’s not a typo and yes – I’m serious. But before you write me off as having lost my mind please hear me out.

It’s fairly common, at the start of a new year, to pause and evaluate the past year. This usually leads us to a renewed commitment to follow after Jesus and it tends to look like this:

1.  God/Jesus
2.  Family
3.  Vocation/work

The problem is that a list like this tends to compartmentalize life in a way that doesn’t fit neatly into a real, ordinary day.

I take calls from my family when I’m at the office and I occasionally do office stuff when I’m home with the family. And separate time alone with God doesn’t always work first thing in the morning when an urgent phone call wakes me up and I have to attend to something related to work or a family member.

The neat and tidy list of 1, 2, 3 seldom fits into an ordinary day and tends to take Jesus out of those places that we most need Him!

As Steven Furtick puts it: “You end up removing Jesus from where you spend the majority of your time and putting Him on an island by Himself. The biggest island maybe, but an island nonetheless.”

Colossians 1:15-20 describes how Christ Jesus is supreme. It spells out how everything – both visible and invisible – was created through Him and for Him. How everything was reconciled through Him and how all of creation is held together by Him and in Him.

Jesus is supreme because He is at the center of everything!

So instead of putting Jesus first, let’s make Him the center of everything in our lives.

Not Jesus first and then my marriage but Jesus in the center of my marriage! Not Jesus first and then my kids but Jesus in the center of my kids! Not Jesus first and then my vocation but Jesus in the center of my work!

What would it look like for Jesus to be at the center of every aspect of our lives?


* The seed idea for this blog came from Steven Furtick




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14 responses to “Don’t put Jesus first this year!*

  1. This is a challenging idea, yet one I think needs to be asked. What would it look like if every Christian lived a live where Jesus was the center of each and every aspect of it? How would people respond to that? Too often I think Christians in America forget that there is more to life than the American Dream. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Chad Pentecost

    Wow! I did think you were crazy at first. I should have known you would prove me wrong. Great message to start the year with. Happy New Year!

  3. Great thought – now I need to practise it!

  4. Yep I wrote a post about this same thing a few months ago. Jesus isnt first priority He is everything! Loved this post.

  5. Hi Rick,

    I knew you were up to something!

    believers are unbelievers in their hands are new years resolution list.
    there is another name for that list.. the fail list.

    so, unless Jesus is in the center – it’ll be a long year.

    grace and peace

  6. julie

    What would it look like for Jesus to be at the center of every aspect of our lives?

    I believe it would be the ultimate ! Great post as always =)

  7. Leslie

    What an amazing twist! Definitely a challenge that we all should accept.

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