One of a kind

Everyone is born with a holy purpose, but we often undermine that purpose by comparing ourselves to other people. Have you ever said to yourself something like, I don’t have the personality like her, or, I can’t speak like he does.

It doesn’t matter. God made each of us special. You were designed like no one else. No two fingerprints are alike. No two voiceprints will ever match, and no two sunsets, snowflakes, or grains of sand have ever been alike! God is a God of infinite variety, and you are unique.

Stop comparing yourself with others.

Stop discounting what God counts precious—your life.

Remember that somebody needs your love right where you are—someone whom God has appointed for you to touch!

That is your assignment. This is your time to say, Yes, Lord, allow Your love to flow through me. Help me make a difference in someone else’s life today. Be the Lord of my life.
~ Excerpted from 360° Life by Billy Joe Daugherty

You are God’s one of a kind gift to the world!




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2 responses to “One of a kind

  1. I think alot of Christians focus on who they are not rather than who they were made to be. I know I did for years and it was a waste of the me that God had made.

    • I whole-heartedly agree Bill, we do tend to focus on who we are not rather than living into who God is recreating us to be in Christ. I am grateful to call you a brother and glad to be sharing the journey!

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