Are we really pursuing the better life?

So… exactly how would you define “better life”?

  • More money…
  • Better job…
  • Newer car…
  • Bigger house…
  • Happy kids…
  • Better health…
  • Dream vacation…
  • Happier relationship/marriage…

“Have you ever realized that living for the Better Life is an insult to God?  It’s the same insult paid by the prodigal son to his father: ‘Your only value is what you can do for me.  I don’t have any interest in knowing you.  Just give me what I need to enjoy this life.’ That’s too close to how we think.” ~ Larry Crabb, The Pressure’s Off, Page 149

When God met Moses in a burning bush that did not burn up, He said that His name was “I AM.” It’s a simple verb that means “to be” or simply “be.” God was expressing that He alone is the essence of life.

Jesus came to dwell among us as the only one who could make God known to us (John 1:18). John also describes Jesus by saying, “in Him was life and that life was the light of all mankind” (John 1:4).

A little further on in John’s account he records Jesus saying, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

The real “better life” is deeper, richer intimacy with God!

Are we seeking God for His blessing, what we can get from Him to make life here more comfortable; or are we seeking God for greater intimacy with Him?




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2 responses to “Are we really pursuing the better life?

  1. julie

    I have been toying with this issue this week. Well if I had this or if this would happen, but I always come back to, there would be something else that I would want or think I need. I want soooo very badly to have that deeper intimacy with Him.

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