Don’t forget this when you’re getting ready for church

Getting six kids ready for church definitely made for some interesting moments. Now that they’re older and the two oldest have moved out it’s much less eventful.

When folks would marvel at how our kids were always dressed and ready, they would occasionally ask how we did it. I just smiled and told them to ask Susan because I had little to do with it. Being a pastor I was usually heading out the door when everyone else was getting up or still getting ready.

We all have our own routines for getting ready but that’s not the part of the process I’m speaking about. The most vital part is praying before we even head out the door.

Pray for your church staff: Ask God to give them a clear vision for what He is trying to accomplish and a willingness to fully participate. But also be sure to pray for their family. It’s not easy to be the pastor’s spouse or kids. People tend to look at them differently and even keep them at arm’s length. They are real people and they need real relationships.

Pray for your church’s volunteers: Every church is sustained by all the selfless volunteers that teach and usher and greet and rock the babies and… You name it and they do it.

Pray for everyone who will gather: Every person there needs a special touch or word of encouragement. God knows exactly what we need to be drawn closer to Him and into a more active role within His kingdom agenda. Ask God to make every heart gathered open to His leading.

Pray for your church: Ask God to use your faith community to impact your local community with the love and grace and truth of Jesus. Ask God to burden your church’s heart with a passion to share the gospel with their neighbors.

Pray for the missionaries that your church supports: Not sure who they are? Find out! Not sure how to pray for them? Ask for God to lavish them with His grace to accomplish whatever it is He has for them to do.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” ~ Ephesians 6:18





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4 responses to “Don’t forget this when you’re getting ready for church

  1. It is better than squabbling with you spouse!

  2. Rick I got 4 kids.. I want 2 more!

    kids love sundays, they love sunday school.

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