I turned all kinds of livid!

It started out as a good day but didn’t stay that way very long.

It occurred a couple of weeks ago while Susan, my wife, was still out-of-town. In her extended absence, the kids and I have been sharing the responsibility of taking care of Thor – our (her) Yorkie.

I was walking up to the kitchen sink and for some reason glanced into the Laundry Room. Something shiny on the floor caught my attention so I went in to investigate.

Turns out Thor had used the tile floor in the Laundry Room for his bathroom. I was not a happy camper. But then it got worse.

It was obvious that he had done this more than once and it took me about 15 minutes to clean it up. Then I saw it!

Just as I was finishing up this first area I noticed another one. Please understand that the use of “area” indicates multiple accidents over a wider region of the floor than the term “spot” which would indicate one singular event.


I was still hot from the discovery of the initial area so finding this new area made me livid!

Livid: to be very angry, furious, enraged, up in arms, beside yourself, incensed, fuming, outraged.

Yep! I turned all kinds of livid.

Everything cleaned up just fine but it took me a couple of hours to let go of the anger and regain a balance of my emotions. All this from a bladder deposit from a 4 pound over-grown rodent? No. It was more about the inconvenience to my agenda.

It was a Friday, typically my day off, and not how I was looking forward to enjoying my day. In case you missed the operative word in that last sentence, it was “my” day.

On work days I tend to talk with God before I even get out of bed. I tend to remember that He is the center of life and the day should revolve around His purposes, His plans.

I wish I had gotten angry over something more important, more noble. But it is a relatively new tile floor. One I installed last summer, tore up a week later and put down again. Ok. That’s still not a good reason to get mad.

The honest truth is that when we enter a day with the mindset that it’s all about us, it doesn’t take much to set us off. And when that happens we are just that much further removed from living the day in rhythm with God.

So, what about today and your agenda? Who does it belong to?
© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.



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4 responses to “I turned all kinds of livid!

  1. Great post. I think I might get a goldfish instead.

  2. Oh, I have definitely felt “livid” before over things like that. Usually it was about a 3 year old who at one point threw his meal on the floor every single day. Ugh!!! Thanks for your honest post! 🙂

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