Bring it to God

Yesterday I blogged about how trying to use God to fuel our own agenda is always a bad idea; and we must stay vigilant to remember this at all times.

But on the other end of the spectrum it is equally important to remember that God is there for us and wants us to come to Him with everything that weighs us down.

The Bible says, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7).

And God is adamant that we get this message. That’s why He has given us the Bible, and the book’s plot is actually very simple. In fact, the plot would make a great subtitle: “Loving Father Relentlessly Pursues a Relationship with His Children.”

Your heavenly Father will never desert you, never abuse you, never fail to forgive you, never hold back His grace, and never condition His love on your performance. He’s determined. He is in relentless pursuit of you, and He will not be denied.
~ Excerpted from Man Alive by Patrick Morley

This doesn’t mean that God will automatically bring about the outcomes we want. But it does mean that He will be there for us. Perhaps He will:

  • Make changes to the circumstances…
  • Work in the hearts of others involved…
  • Give us the faith to trust Him and wait…
  • Quiet us with His unfailing love…
  • Adjust our perception to see things  differently…

Whatever it is we’re facing we can…

…bring it to God!

© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.



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2 responses to “Bring it to God

  1. Don

    It sounds so easy but yet it is so hard for me to do for any lenght of time. Thanks Rick, I needed that today!

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