Are we falling or flying?

I’ve never been skydiving, though I had an opportunity a few years back to try it. My wife offered to get me a jump for my birthday but I decided to pass. Maybe when all the kids are grown and out of the house. (Sounds noble but in reality I just couldn’t get up the nerve!)

Bob Goff is the president and founder of Restore International, a nonprofit organization fighting injustice and human rights violations around the world. Bob has jumped twice and describes a significant difference between the two. You can read his entire story here.

His first jump took place years ago. After $40 and jumping off a pile of boxes – their training – he jumped from a small plane using what’s called a “static line.” It’s a piece of rope that is tied to the plane, and it pulls the ripcord on your parachute for you.

“My first time skydiving, I had no idea what I was doing. I also knew that I was betting my life on a piece of worn rope.”

His second jump was a whole new kind of experience.

“The second time I jumped was different. This time, I wasn’t hanging my life by a piece of rope. I was connected to someone who actually knew what they were doing.”

Because Bob’s jump partner had done this thousands of times he exuded a sense of calm and confidence. This gave Bob a sense of security that made what seemed like falling the first time feel like flying this second time.

Bob goes on to express that what enabled him to trust his jump partner is similar to what enables him to trust God with all the circumstances of life that we find ourselves facing.

Bob’s jump partner was there in the flesh. He had done this before. He knew what he was doing and was confident that it would all turn out well.

Jesus came in the flesh. He’s done life on our terms. He knows everything that we could ever face and He is confident that it will turn out well.

“Most of all, I’ve felt connected to Him. Not just by rope or so many straps, but by grace and hope and love that hold me even tighter.”

Before Jesus left this earth to return to the Father, He promised that He would never leave or forsake us. It was a reference to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit for those who surrender their lives to trust God’s grace.

Are we pursuing greater intimacy with the Lord? Are we making our relationship with Him the most important part of life? Are we connected to Him by grace and hope and love?

Are we falling or flying?
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