Uniquely gifted

Before I became a father I thought that kids were primarily the products of their environments. It didn’t take long for me to change that opinion.

While kids are obviously influenced greatly by their surroundings, they are each wired uniquely. As a father of six amazing and very unique kids I am astounded at how kids from the same gene pool can be wired with such different personalities.

One of the great challenges of parenting is to not compare one kid with another. There are the common experiences that get talked about like first teeth, walking, talking and such. But we have tried hard to instill in each of our children the value of their uniqueness as individuals made in the image of their Creator.

The same is just as important within the kingdom of God and among church families.

While we all share a common directive from God to “go and make disciples” (Matt 28:19), each church fellowship will do this differently according to the individuals who make up that church. And within the same church, there are different members with differing gifts and abilities.

It is never wise to let comparisons leave us discouraged. My background is not your background. My gifts are not your gifts. My experience with Jesus Christ is not your experience with Jesus Christ. My personality package is not your personality package. My sins and struggle areas are probably not your sins and struggle areas. We are different! God calls us as individuals into his great, diverse family that stretches across time and around the world.

Remember, it is God himself who delights to blend such a wild collection of individuals, gifts, strengths, and weaknesses into a living, ministering body that brings great glory to his Son…and endless delight to the heart of the Father.
~ Excerpted from More Jesus, Less Religion by Stephen Arterburn

When we gather with our faith communities, lets celebrate the reality that God has created each of us in His image but with a unique set of traits.

May God be glorified as we all work to carry out a common task in our own unique way.

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7 responses to “Uniquely gifted

  1. Chris Jordan

    I too am familiar with the nature versus nurture debate – are children born that way, or are they the products of their environment? And while I believe both are true, having four children myself, I can tell you that each of them has a totally unique, different and separate personality from the others. What a display of God’s awesome creativity, eh?

  2. julie

    We all are created in a uniquely way thanks to God. At times it may get you down, especially being a teenager, because we aren’t “like everyone else”. But that is what makes the world go around, if we were all alike it would be
    totally boring and uninteresting. Sherry Sons told me about a book where you can find out what personality you are, kind of like your german shepard, and otter one. Anyway, I found out that I am a Perfect Melancholy. This totally helps me define who I am and how God made me. It makes me realize that I am NOT crazy……LOL God is good!!

    • What a relief to find out you’re not crazy! LOL I use personality profiles when I counsel people/couples and it is usually very enlightening. Finding out my personality type had the same effect on me, realizing I wasn’t crazy. I have a book that helps you explore this same thing with your kids and even how it can effect how we parent them. Let me know if you’re interested in looking at it.

  3. A great reminder, thank you. It’s so easy to compare isn’t it – or think ‘one size fits all – but as you say we all have something unique and beautiful to offer the body of Christ. Thank God!

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