Listening to the prayers of our children

There is so much that we can learn from our kids. Jesus not only welcomed children but challenged His audience, and us, to live life with a child-like faith.

Nowhere is God’s listening ear more keen than when it comes to kids and prayer. When children pray, they open up their hearts to the One who knows them best, loves them the most, and accepts them unreservedly. Kids love from their hearts. That is, they believe without doubt, trust without reservation, live without reluctance, sleep without worry, and laugh without restraint.

I miss the simple faith that trusts so readily and lives so simply. But, if we will listen to the prayers of our children, we just might learn to recapture some of the laughter and love that was once so commonplace in our own lives.
~ Excerpted from Whispering in God’s Ear by Wayne Holmes

It’s unfortunate that we lose so much of our child-like approach to life as we grow older. When that happens with our faith it is tragic. No matter what our age, we are children of God.

What would be different about how we do life today were we to live it with child-like faith in a heavenly Father who delights in us?

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2 responses to “Listening to the prayers of our children

  1. Mary Stephens

    That’s great Rick! Thank you!

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