Unlike any other love

There are certain truths that take only moments to grasp and live out; but there are others so large and immense that they require a lifetime to fully comprehend. Such is the case with the grace of God.

“Justification by grace through faith” is the theologian’s learned phrase for what Chesterton once called “the furious love of God.” He is not moody or capricious; He knows no seasons of change. He has a single relentless stance toward us: He loves us. He is the only God man has ever heard of who loves sinners.

False gods—the gods of human manufacturing—despise sinners, but the Father of Jesus loves all, no matter what they do. But of course, this is almost too incredible for us to accept. Nevertheless, through no merit of ours, but by His mercy, we have been restored to a right relationship with God through the life, death, and resurrection of His beloved Son. This is the Good News, the gospel of grace.
~ Excerpted from The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

Why do we, as Christians, have such a hard time fully accepting the grace and the love of God?
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8 responses to “Unlike any other love

  1. @”Why do we, as Christians, have such a hard time fully
    accepting the grace and the love of God?”

    because we grew up like these

    1. There’s no such thing a “free lunch”
    2. We were trained “do good get good. do bad get beaten”
    3. the good things in life “must be worked hard, earned from scratch”
    4. free stuff are too good to be true
    5. I want to have a part also

    the 5 reasons I believe why we cannot receive the gift of righteousness


    – grace and peace

  2. Chris Jordan

    Why do we, as Christians, have such a hard time fully accepting the grace and the love of God? I think because we know that we are unworthy and undeserving, and have a hard time understanding what it means that God’s love is wholly and completely unconditional. It reminds me from another one of my favourite quotes which Manning quotes in Ragamuffin: “As Thomas Merton put it: A saint is not someone who is good but who experiences the goodness of God.” What a deep thought to meditate on today – to know that we are deeply and dearly loved by God, totally independant of anything in us… wow! Thanks for sharing this today…

  3. Jeff Farley

    Amen RA and CJ

  4. Reblogged this on MISS L's ROOM and commented:
    Only by His grace!

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