Friday Funny! ;-) Having fun with some Disney Characters

Our time at Disney World a couple of weeks ago was full of fun and laughter, especially when it came to interacting with the Disney Characters. I shared last Friday about embarrassing Brynden with Minnie Mouse and Belle, but there were some other comical moments as well.

When Brynden went to get Donald Duck’s signature, he wouldn’t use Brynden’s Mickey Mouse pen! That is one jealous duck!

Stitch, the fun-loving alien space creature who loves to surf had fun teaching Josh the “hang ten” sign.

Joshua and Stitch

Goofy covered Eli’s face when then hugged.

Eli and Goofy

Goofy played around with Josh and got him to do a hip hop stance.

Josh and Goofy

 Goofy not only flirted with Mykaela and acted bashful when she gave him a kiss, but tried to sneak away with her.

We don’t have to be a Disney Character to have fun!
Make someone’s day special by sharing a smile and a laugh!


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2 responses to “Friday Funny! ;-) Having fun with some Disney Characters

  1. Jeff Farley

    Good stuff brother. I love you!

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