Fearless: The Adam Brown Story

I’ve read my share of inspirational stories, but none compares to that of Adam Brown – a SEAL Team SIX Operator. From hometown hero… to drug addict doing jail time… to Navy SEAL, it’s a story of triumph second to none.

Fearless is a chronicle of heroism and humanity at its best. Adam Brown was a man of extremes, whose courage and determination was fueled by faith, family, and the love of a woman.

It’s about a man who waged a war against his own worst impulses and persevered to reach the top-tier of the US military. Always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous assignments, Adam’s  final act of bravery led to the ultimate sacrifice.

“As a rule, we don’t endorse books or movies or anything regarding the command where I work, and Adam Brown worked, but as the author writes in Fearless, ‘you have to know the rules, so you know when to bend or break them.’ This is one of those times. Read this book. Period. It succeeds where all the others have failed.” ~ Anonymous SEAL Team SIX Operator

“Fearless is a clear and deeply honest portrait of an authentic American man who lived and loved with an intrepid personal velocity. For most of us, the failures and disappointments in life take their toll. Not for Adam Brown. He vanquished all life’s heartbreaks with faith, humility, and hard work.”
~ Kurt Johnstad, screenwriter, Act of Valor and 300

Fearless will hit bookshelves next week but I got the chance to read a prerelease copy and had trouble putting it down. I laughed… I cried… I was inspired to live life to the fullest.

To learn more or to order the book go here.
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22 responses to “Fearless: The Adam Brown Story

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  2. Bill Haywood

    I just finished Fearless. It was the most moving and inspiring true stories I have read in years. This book deepened my respect for our American Warriors to an even greater degree. The book can be enjoyed by those who embrace Biblical Christianity and those who do not. Because Adam Brown embraced Christ it is part of the story, but it is not Christian propaganda. In spite of some doctrinal disagreements I have with the very few references, I found the Adam Brown story riveting, motivational and tribute to our American Warriors.

  3. Rick Fries

    Just finished “Fearless”. Wow. That is about all I can say at this point except to say, “I wept”. Adam Brown and his entire Team are true Heros.

      • Rick Fries

        I want to be able to say more relating to the story, so very well told, concerning Adam Brown. I am still just kind of “raw” emotionally. I can’t yet put into words the impact of it. I know simply that as I read I was moved to humility and pride at the same time. A profound gratefulness rose in my mind and heart for those like Adam who give their all for this Country. I am humbled and thankful. I just wish that these men knew how we as Americans, are truly thankful for their service. That does not even begin to express what I mean to say. Heros all, but humble men. Strength
        and Honor.

      • I understand. Some thoughts and feelings are hard to convey with mere words.

  4. Kit Carker

    Knowing how the book would end, I dreaded getting to the end. However, taking the story as a whole, tHis inspiring, touching and shows how truly great the human spirit really is and how great Gods work can be in a life devoted to him.God bless Adams family and Adam as well as his teammates who allow us to live as we do.

  5. Ben Garrison

    I have read plenty of stories about Navy SEALs and other American Heroes. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to this book. I cried multiple times toward the end of the book due to the extreme sadness of such a wonderful person losing his life far too early. The love and fondness he shared for his wife and family are unparalleled and reading about him inspires me to be a better person.

  6. David

    Wow. A very moving story!!! Made me laugh and cry. I have such respect for our military and if this book dosen’t make you feel the same way… you have no soul!!! My respects go out to the Brown family as well as all of our fallen heros!!!! My God bless them all!!!

  7. jason

    i have read many books of this type and this one by far blew the rest away. as a person that has had some troubled times in my youth, it gave me inspiration to know that there is a way back. you sir have produced a fantastic book about a truly magnificent man and the struggles that he had to go through to claw his way to the top. thank you adam brown for truly being an american hero and thank you sir for so marvelously portraying his life and story. i could not put the book down and have so far have recomended it to several people and will continue to do so. thank you

  8. Chad Ovitt

    Just finished the reading the book. Awesome read! I had tears rolling down my cheeks. All I can say is that my family and I will sleep better at night knowing that people like Adam Brown are protecting us!! He was one tough S.O.B. THANK YOU to ALL who have risked their lives. God Bless!! U.S.A. U.S.A.

  9. daniel dicesare

    There has never been a book which has moved me more emotionally than this one. Adam Brown’s story puts anyone’s life in perspective. Thank you, Adam for all you accomplished for your Country. And for each of us lucky enough to know your story. Thank you.

  10. David

    Another great story about another great man. Well told story about a family, and community of hero’s that protect this nation and world from people like Bin Laden and others like him . Thank You!

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