Friday Funny! ;-) Record-breaking mustache

At 14 feet in length, it holds the title as the world’s longest mustache according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan of India.

More than just record-breaking fodder, Chauhan’s mustache was featured in the 1983 James Bond film “Octopussy” and he has made cameos in several Bollywood films.

It it no small feat to care for the mustache and the 54-year-old offers some grooming tips.

First, start growing facial hair at an early age because a decrease in hormone production in later years will inhibit its growth. Second, regularly groom your facial hair. Chauhan told the BBC he uses coconut oil on his mustache and enlists help in the maintenance process.

“I massage it and oil it regularly and I wash it every 10 days which takes a long time,” he said. “My wife helps me.”

I can’t imagine why you would bother with such a thing but you have to admire his determination. And it did give me a chuckle.
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4 responses to “Friday Funny! ;-) Record-breaking mustache

  1. Kurt Alexander

    I might have a new goal, but I’m a little past the “early age”!!!

  2. Jeff

    I’ve got some work to do.

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