Are you hungry for God?

“…I don’t want to go to a church that values our experience of God above our hope in God.  As difficult as it is, and it sometimes can be agony, I want to experience my emptiness or loneliness and learn to hunger after God as I hunger for no one and nothing else.  I want to be convinced that no experience available to me in this life, from God or the devil, can satisfy that hunger.  Paul said it best: if there is no heaven, no better world where satisfaction is lasting and deep, then living like Jesus in this world is stupid (1 Cor. 15:19).”  ~ Larry Crabb in Real Church

A lot of focus in the church today has to do with creating satisfied customers so that they’ll return and our numbers will grow. More activities! More excitement! More buzz! But is this really of God?

Consider how we engage with one another as the body of Christ. We strive to support and encourage one another, which is good; but in the process we tend to rush toward solutions that will alleviate discomfort. We don’t want to see others struggling and if we’re honest, it makes us uncomfortable to be around those who are struggling.

But what if that period of struggling is exactly what God intends? What if God wants to use that dissatisfaction to grow in us a deeper hunger to find our ultimate satisfaction in Him alone?

When you walk away from your church gatherings, are you content with the amount of God you’ve encountered or are you hungry for more of Him?


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6 responses to “Are you hungry for God?

  1. Thought-provoking, Rick. I agree – others’ discomfort makes us uncomfortable in our fast-paced world of quick-fixes and hedonism/consumerism. Yes there are answers in Jesus, and He offers so much joy, but if our church friends won’t walk us through our down times, who will? Churches often focus more on running programs that make them look like they’re doing something, than actually inspiring members to get alongside the hurting (sometimes long-term)… to be His hands and feet…

    • So true Ali! I think that many of our churches are driven by the “bigger is better” mentality and we do tend to focus more on programing than relationships with people. We need to fix our eyes more intently on Jesus. Thanks!

  2. julie

    More times than not, I am more hunger than being satisfied.

  3. I am disatisfied and always seem to want more of God … that being said I also believe it is our responsibility to stir up our passion, stir the embers so to speak … to keep our eyes focused on the more, while also celebrating and enjoying Him in the “now” … it is the daily, fresh manna that feeds … so give me a fresh encounter every day please God!

    • Beautifully said, thanks! And amen, I’d like a fresh encounter every day too. A new awareness of His presence in every circumstance. And thanks for sharing the journey!

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