Blinded by what we want to see

When the great astronomer Percival Lowell got a new twenty-four-inch telescope on a mountain in Flagstaff, Arizona, he “saw” a network of canals on Mars that confirmed the theories of Italian astronomers.

He mapped them on a globe, and his 1908 book Mars as the Abode of Life laid out proof that these canals were built by intelligent beings.

Obviously, he was mistaken. But he brings to light a common problem we all have a tendency towards. Sometimes, like Lowell, we see things that aren’t really there.

We approach Scripture with our mind already made up. And then, not surprisingly, we find what we’re looking for.

So when we delve into God’s Word to learn about our Creator and His dealings with mankind, let’s be sure we do so with a good measure of humility.

Then maybe, just maybe… we’ll learn something we weren’t already looking for.


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.


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